Welcome to Job Assist

Job Assist is a FREE program serving youths aged 13-18 residing in the towns of Clifton Park and Halfmoon.

Job Assist is a FREE job referral program. At no charge to users, Job Assist will collect information from Teen Job Seekers and those interested in Hiring Teens. The Job Assist Coordinator will contact all who sign up to use its services to verify the information provided and then contact Teen Job Seekers so that they can contact potential employers.

Teens are encouraged to sign up as a Job Seeker here, or download a form and submit to the Job Assist Coordinator at Captain’s offices or the Shenendehowa Guidance office.

Job Assist can help Teens learn the skills necessary to successfully enter the workforce with complete, individual, job skills training and support as well as job matching and placement. The Job Coordinator is available at the Shenendehowa Guidance Office or CAPTAIN’s offices. Individual appointments are available.

Job Assist lists a huge variety of jobs, from full-time and part-time to occasional jobs like raking leaves or babysitting. Employers, Homeowners, Seniors, and Parents will save time and money when seeking to hire teens. It’s simple and FREE! Just fill out a Job Submission Form on line or in person. Forms are available at CAPTAIN locations, Shenendehowa Guidance Office or Town Hall. The Job Assist Coordinator will contact verify your job information. Motivated Teen Job Seekers will then contact you to apply for the position.

Job Assist provides information about job opportunities and cannot guarantee successful work applicant matches.